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Vanch products mainly include UHF RFID reader, UHF RFID fixed reader, UHF RFID integrated reader, Android UHF RFID handheld reader, Bluetooth UHF RFID handheld reader, UHF RFID desktop reader writer, UHF RFID industrial reader, UHF RFID gate reader, UHF RFID mojulung ona, UHF RIFD laundry tag, UHF RFID anti-metal tag, RFID antenna, RFID tag and etc

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As a professional wireless radio frequency product and solution provider, Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent is committed to promoting the application of RFID technology in various industries and help the client to improve their efficiency, management, intelligentialize and informatization by using leading technologies, products and rich experience in the field of RFID. Applications in warehousing management, personnel management, asset management, industrial automation, intelligent transportation, smart cities, logistics, retail, product traceability, etc. The company has obtained more than 40 patents and was awarded as a high-tech enterprise and software development and design enterprise. The products have passed CE and FCC certification and are exported to more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

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Order Guide for UHF RFID Integrated Reader

Features of UHF RFID Integrated Reader: The antenna and reader board are integrated intothe sealed housing, with working protection level up toIP67 or above; The housing of reader’sback cover is made ofmetal material, convenient for heat dissipation, beneficial to long-term working outdoor; 3.With simple wiring and interface design, power supply and communication lines, very suitable for rapid deployment; 4.With simple clip pole installation, non-professional person can handle it; Good-looking and industrial design, ABS material for top cover, additional with anti-aging and anti-UV formulas; 6.Higher cost-effective, relatively cheap Application field of UHF RFID Integrated Reader: Commonly apply toaccess control of vehicles and personnel, materials identificationin industrial production line and etc.; 2.Readercan be selected according to application scene, reading distance required, antenna illumination angle; 3.Various types…

Order Guide for UHF RFID Fixed Reader

UHF RFID Fixed reader, also known as split RFID reader, the read/write part is designed separately from the antenna part, with RF coaxial cable to connect. Features of UHF RFID Fixed reader: With more complicated control circuit and RF circuit, higher performance standard for UHF RFID fixed reader, especially in RF interference processing and multiple tags reading anti-collision algorithm; with RF output power up to30-33dBm, better performance in reading range and multiple tags reading than integrated rfid reader; With more functionality on GPIO interface and communication interfaces, easier for project integration; Require to equip with waterproof outer box for UHF RFID fixed reader if installation outdoor, and qualified RF coaxial cable to connect, to ensure long-term stable working; 5.With wider application scenario, be…

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