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RFID Solutions for People Tracking

Whether it’s for secure access, event management, personnel tracking, or patient care, people tracking is becoming an essential part of business. Keeping track of employees entering the building will help you manage your team better. Keeping track of who crosses access points will ensure a much safer security system. Keeping track of everyone entering a tradeshow will definitely help the sales teams. With VANCH RFID you are able to track people in a wide variety of situations for your specific purpose. Using RFID will help improve the efficiency, security, and overall profitability of your business.

What’s available?

In all these situations, there are various solutions available to you. Access control RFID allows you to monitor all your access points. Therefore for people to get through, they must have an access card or tag. Stored on the tag or referenced from a database you will have access to their information, often a name and position will come up in a report. You can customize this report to give you information such as time of arrival and departure, name, and type of person/security clearance, etc. RFID Readers such as in the diagram below can also be used. That is when an RFID tag passes within proximity, it is automatically picked up and the information is recorded.

RFID Solutions for People Tracking

Regardless of your situation, VANCH RFID has the solution for you. Card keys, key fob tags and wrist band tags are most common.

Event Management

For events like trade shows, RFID tags can be used with rfid readers. When a prospect comes within range of your reader at the booth, you will be immediately able to identify them as to who they are and whether they are a qualified prospect.


RFID card tags are commonly used for security purposes. Different levels of access are granted to different personnel. You can customize each tag as to which places to gain access to.

Patient Care

Wrist band tags are a widely used solution for patient or elder care. The tags will also enable you to know when the person has entered or entered a specific area and will easily allow you to access their information.

Post time: 2020-10-23