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RFID Based Baggage Tracking

RFID Based Baggage Tracking

Why need RFID to track baggage?

An average of 10,000 bags were lost every day in 2005.

Airlines can be held accountable for up to $2,500 per piece of lost luggage.


The exact read rates in most systems range from 80% to 90%, while the RFID system achieves an accurate read rate of 99.9%. The advantages of RFID systems are mainly reflected in the following points:

  • Solve the problem of baggage loss
  • Warehousing management of goods
  • Transportation process and cargo tracking
  • Save airport management costs and improve work efficiency
  • Reduce aircraft accident risks
  • Tracking and positioning of goods and personnel
  • Authorization stuff
  • Long-range positioning

Tagging every baggage by RFID Label:

Tracking on tunnel/scanning point


Long range tracking

Tracking before loading




Send message to the client


The system


Vanch Solution

Encoding Desktop Reader VD-67
Label VT-88B
Printer VPR-0407
Conveyor Fixed Reader VF-747
Fixed Antenna VA-993
Remote Scanning Terminal VH-81


The Market

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