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RFID animal identification system

Part 1 System Introduction:


At present, all the meat animals must be Inspection and quarantine during the grown period. So more and

More people will take their animals very careful with RFID technology.

This has some advantages as below:

*Permanent data file

*Affected by the environment, reduce the cost of investment

*Data can be changed dynamically to keep up with the latest data

*Distance, wide range, fast, high efficiency

*Can also count a large number of materials at the same time.

Part 2 How does this system operate?

System working principle:

  1. Animals bring with tag with unique ID.
  2. Install RFID reader at the main checkpoint of the farmland.
  3. RFID reader transfer data to server or database for management.
  4. Check the full information on theapplication software.

System board:

*Feeding area

Install rfid reader at the feeding area, then the reader will read and record each animals eating time,

And how long time is it last, which one did not go to eat, you could check this data to judge whether that

Animal is silk or health.

*Milking area

Install rfid reader at each Milking machine, it will read and record each animals’s milking data and send

Data to the server.

*Resting area

Install rfid reader at each rest room door above, it will read and record each animals rest data and send

Data to the server, if one animal stay in the room for a very long time, it may be sick or something else.

*Activity pens

Use a handheld reader to read all animals in the activity pens to do counting each day. It’ll read multi- tags at the

Same time and update data to the server, also it could write data to the tag when animals do the inspection.

System data flow:



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