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UHF RFID Integrated Reader Antenna Module VM-5GA

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UHF RFID Integrated Reader Antenna Module VM-5GA

Integrated antenna character

  1. Be sensitive and stable to the tags identify.
  2. Stable reading distance 2-3 meters.
  3. Multi-tags identify, >50pcs tags.
  4. Reading distance speed, >50pcs/sec.

Solve the exothermic problem completely.

  1. No need for connecting any other outer radiating device. It can work without exothermic reaction in the

normal indoor temperature.

  1. Sustain electricity<200mA @ 3.5V (26 dBm Output). Pulse peak current<260mA。

Outstanding stability:

  1. 24 hours x 365days work normally.
  2. Appearance little influenced by cover, electromagnetic environment etc.
  3. Wide temperature design and the temperature drift coefficient.

Good consistency:

  1. the good design in consistency.
  2. Choose the top level components to keep each parameters stable and consistence.

Brief and high efficient interface of hardware and software.

  1. Peripheral circuit is very easy. The signal power, no need for extra connecting tantalum capacitor.

Installation method: support 5pin WAFER installation.

Model No. VM-5GA
Electrical parameters
Working Voltage DC 3.5V – 5 V
Standby current <80mA (EN pin high level)
Sleeping current <100uA (EN pin low level)
Operation current 180mA @ 3.5V (26 dBm Output,25°C)。

110mA @ 3.5V (18 dBm Output,25°C)。

Operating time <100mS。
Operation temp. – 20 °C – + 70 °C
Storage temp. – 20 °C – + 85 °C
Working humidity < 95% ( + 25 °C)
Protocol EPCglobal UHF Class 1 Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6C
Frequency 840-960MHZ



Working area support

US, Canada and other regions following U.S. FCC

Europe and other regions following ETSI EN 302 208

Mainland China





Output power 18-26 dBm
Output power accuracy +/- 1dB
Output power flatness +/- 0.2dB
Receive sensitivity < -70dBm
Store tag peak speed > 50pcs/sec
Tags storage capacity 200pcs tags @ 96 bit EPC
Tags RSSI support
Communication interface TTL Uart interface
Communication baud rate 115200 bps(default and recommend)


Heat-dissipating method Air cooling(no need for out install cooling fin)

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