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Printable UHF RFID Soft Anti Metal Tag VT-200

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1. Printable UHF RFID Soft Anti Metal Tag VT-200 can print flexible metal tag with thinner process, and its performance is improved, and its reading sensitivity is high.

  1. flexible label can be printed by RFID printer, convenient data writing and visual information printing of label surface.
  2. widely used in intelligent storage shelf labels, IT assets, medical assets, valuable instruments and other management tracking.

Performance index
Product order model VT-200 flexible printable metal tag
operating frequency 902-928Mhz(US);866-868Mhz(EU)
reading distance 4 meters on the metal surface (fixed reader)
Material metal and liquid environment best
Encapsulated composite tag
Chip characteristics
chip Impinj Monza4QT
Function readable / written
EPC 128Bits
User memory 512 User Bits
Data storage time 10 year
Use time 100,000times
Physical characteristics
size tag:72×38×0.8mm
packing Reel packing
color white
weight 1.0g
Using environment
working temperature -40℃to+85℃
Installation method self-adhesive label
IP rate IP68
Earthquake resistance and impact resistance MIL STD810-F

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