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Order Guide for UHF RFID Fixed Reader

UHF RFID Fixed reader, also known as split RFID reader, the read/write part is designed separately from the antenna part, with RF coaxial cable to connect.

Features of UHF RFID Fixed reader:

With more complicated control circuit and RF circuit, higher performance standard for UHF RFID fixed reader, especially in RF interference processing and multiple tags reading anti-collision algorithm;

  1. with RF output power up to30-33dBm, better performance in reading range and multiple tags reading than integrated rfid reader;
  2. With more functionality on GPIO interface and communication interfaces, easier for project integration;
  3. Require to equip with waterproof outer box for UHF RFID fixed reader if installation outdoor, and qualified RF coaxial cable to connect, to ensure long-term stable working;
  4. 5.With wider application scenario, be qualified to more complex workingenvironments, such as faster reading, bulk inventory, longer reading distance, faster detect speed and;
  5. Various types of UHF RFID fixed readers are available to order from VANCH, with R&D based on MCU micro-controller, ARM chip, Linux/ Android OS/ Apple IOS system and other technical platforms, to satisfy the requirements of clients in all aspects.


Application field of UHF RFID fixed reader:

  1. Commonly apply towarehouse logistics, supply chain material inventory, storage control, clothing/shoes/hats/jewelry retail management, anti-counterfeiting, traceability, books/archives management and etc.


Post time: 2020-11-05