UHF RFID 고정 리더 VF-946

The shell is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum material, which is durable and conducive to heat dissipation for long-term work in harsh environments.

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(1) The shell is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum material, which is durable and conducive to heat dissipation for long-term work in harsh environments.

(2) Using Indy R2000 special UHF RFID chip with excellent Impinj performance, 뛰어난 안정성과 강력한 멀티 태그 장거리 인식 성능;

(3) It is compatible with ISO18000-6C and ISO18000-6B protocols at the same time, and

can quickly switch between dual protocols to achieve simultaneous reading of dual protocol RFID tag.

(4) Low-power consumption and low-voltage design ideas ensure long-term safe and stable operation of the product without failure.

(5) The software intelligently monitors the operation status of the work, and it runs for 24 hours X 365 days without crashing.

(6) The product has passed the certification of FCC, 이, 기타.

(7) It is the ideal equipment choice for warehousing logistics supply chain, fixed asset management, personnel, transportation vehicle management, industrial production line manufacturing, 기타.



(1)Fully support RFIDtags that comply with EPCglobal UHF Class 1 겐 2 / ISO 18000-6C/ ISO18000- 6B standards;

(2) Working frequency 865-868MHz, 902-928MHz (can be adjusted according to different country or region requirements);

(3) RS232 지원, RS485, TCP/IP and wireless network communication and other methods;

(4) 지원하다 4 SMA 안테나 포트;

(5) The RF power is adjustable up to 30dbm, the peak speed of inventory label,> 700 pcs/second;

(6) Support multiple working modes such as active mode, command mode and trigger mode;

(7) Card reading beep and LED status indication; support online firmware upgrade through communication interface;

(8) The RFID reader provides 2 optically isolated inputs and 2 optically isolated outputs I/O interfaces, which is convenient for product application integration.



모델# VF-946
주파수 범위 860Mhz – 960Mhz(Can be adjusted according to different countries or regions)
Support working areas 우리, 미국 다음 캐나다 및 기타 지역. FCC

ETSI EN에 따른 유럽 및 기타 지역 302 208 와 & LBT 규정없이

중국 본토


Frequency modulation method Broad spectrum frequency modulation (FHSS) or fixed frequency, which can be set by software
RF power 20-33dBm 조정 가능; 50 ohm load
Inventory label peak speed > 700 pcs/second
Label buffer 800 pcs tag @ 96 비트 EPC
Tag RSSI 지원하다
Antenna connection protection 지원하다
Environment temperature monitoring 지원하다
Number of antennas 4 pcs SMA antenna port for option
Communication Interface 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet, RS232, RS485 or optional wireless communication
통신 속도 Serial port rate 9600~115200bps, RJ45 is 10Mbps
안정적인 펌웨어 업그레이드 확장 가능한 업그레이드 메커니즘
GPIO 2 inputs, 1 산출
응용 소프트웨어 인터페이스 Provide API development kit and VC and VB, Java application routines
RFID tag operation performance
독서 거리 8dbi antenna configuration, typical reading distance 3-25 미터 (related to tag performance)
에어 인터페이스 프로토콜 EPCglobal UHF 클래스 1 겐 2 / ISO 18000-6C / ISO18000-6B
최대 수신 감도 -82 dBm; maximum return loss: 10 DBM
Mechanical electrical performance
크기 235(엘)*211 (W)*40(H)mm
Power converter with 220V AC input and +12V/3A DC output
RF output interface TNC type connector
무게 2.5킬로그램
습기 5% 에 95%, Non-condensing
IP rating IEC IP51
Working temp. -20 ºC to +60ºC
보관 온도. -20° C ~ 85 ° C


It can be widely used in logistics supply chain, 물류 창고 관리, 물류 관리, assets management, 차량 관리, industry production line manufacturing, and other fields.


이, FCC.


포장 & 배송:

1.포장: 판지에있는 부피
2.로딩 포트: FOB 심천
3.리드 타임: 샘플 확인 및 입금 후 약 1 주


우리의 서비스:

1.필요에 따라 다양한 RFID 리더 사용 가능
2.OEM / ODM 서비스를 사용할 수 있습니다.
3.우리는 강한 R이 있습니다&D 팀, rfid 프로젝트에 대한 기술 지원을 제공 할 수 있습니다..

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