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  • Gestión de papeleras Uhf Rfid

    1.RFID is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency Identification That is, identificación de frecuencia de radio. El modelo de utilidad es una tecnología de identificación automática sin contacto, que puede identificar automáticamente el objeto objetivo y obtener datos relevantes a través de señales de radiofrecuencia. RFID technology can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple tags at the same time, operación rápida y conveniente. The short distance…
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  • RFID Solutions for People Tracking

    Whether it’s for secure access, event management, personnel tracking, or patient care, people tracking is becoming an essential part of business. Keeping track of employees entering the building will help you manage your team better. Keeping track of who crosses access points will ensure a much safer security system. Keeping track of everyone entering a tradeshow will definitely help the…
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  • RFID Based Baggage Tracking

    RFID Based Baggage Tracking Why need RFID to track baggage? An average of 10,000 bags were lost every day in 2005. Airlines can be held accountable for up to $2,500 per piece of lost luggage. Benefit: The exact read rates in most systems range from 80% a 90%, while the RFID system achieves an accurate read rate of 99.9%. The…
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  • RFID animal identification system

    Part 1 System Introduction: Background At present, all the meat animals must be Inspection and quarantine during the grown period. So more and More people will take their animals very careful with RFID technology. This has some advantages as below: *Permanent data file *Affected by the environment, reduce the cost of investment *Data can be changed dynamically to keep up…
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  • Logística de almacén RFID

    Introducción En la actualidad, con una competencia de mercado cada vez más feroz, Es importante para la empresa mejorar la eficiencia de producción y reducir los costos operativos.. La logística de almacén se utiliza ampliamente en todas las industrias.. Diseñar y construir un conjunto de procesos de gestión de almacenes., mejorar la tasa de rotación en el almacén, reducir la ocupación de los fondos operativos, transformar fondos congelados en efectivo, and lower cost of…
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  • Solución de control de acceso de vehículos RFID para estacionamiento

    Tecnología inteligente Co. de Shenzhen Vanch, Ltd Add.: Rm502, #535, Bagua 6, Distrito de Futian, Ciudad de Shenzhen, China Tel.: 86-755-82426775 Fax: 86-755-25925935 Correo: Web: SOLUCIONES Sistema de Vanch, basado en identificación por radiofrecuencia (RFID) tecnología, con alta precisión de identificación, is designed to track and manage vehicles in parking areas or gated communities to allow for accurate vehicle tracking as well as…
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  • RFID solution for Automatic Weighing

    There is many in-and-out transport vehicles in the power plant, coal yard dump area and mining area. There are some procedures such as parking registration and weighing required If the operators input the data into the computer or register by hand writing, it will waste a lot of time and may cause many errors and human cheatings, so usually a huge…
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