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RFID medical waste tracking system solutions

Release time:2017/10/20Origin:Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd

1.-The Project background

Medical waste is a hazardous waste, include a large number of harmful pathogens, toxic and harmful chemical pollutants and radioactive pollutants and other harmful substances, which has great risk, China has long been listed as the number one hazardous waste. For medical waste, China's Ministry of Health has clearly stipulated that the medical waste in the hospital must be closed storage, fixed storage, hand transport, medical waste must be burned to ensure sterilization and to avoid environmental pollution, not allowed in any form of recycling and reuse,The Medical waste disposal and medical, urban construction, environmental protection, scientific research and other departments, need to strengthen cooperation in all aspects, increase supervision.

RFID technology, combined with GPS technology, GPRS technology to achieve visualization of medical waste transport management and real-time positioning based on high-speed, efficient information network platform and EDI as the backbone of the medical waste RFID monitoring system for the environmental protection department to achieve medical waste treatment process The full supervision of the provision of basic information support and protection.

Medical waste RFID tracking and processing system to achieve the entire medical waste throughout the regulatory efforts to improve the medical waste information management capabilities, to maximize the protection of people's lives and health and safety. The design objectives of the system are:

1) effectively prevent the illegal loss of medical waste;
2) the use of RFID tags to the medical waste collection, transportation, destruction process to achieve electronic control;
3) the medical waste of various data collection and analysis, obtained a variety of accurate data;

4) analysis of real-time data collected, the implementation of dangerous time alarm mechanism.

2.- The Solution summary

Each medical department produces a large number of medical hazardous waste every day, from the medical unit will be dumped into the vehicle transport to the transfer station weighing, and then by the transit station vehicles served medical waste incineration center, completed within 24 hours. Throughout the process, the regulatory authorities to monitor the complete disposal of medical waste to ensure that medical units abandoned medical dangerous goods without omission or put an end to the possibility of being reused. At present, by the medical unit will be discarded containers, vehicles transported to the transit station after the batch (multiple boxes) weighing, and then served by the vehicle burned weighing center. Packing without sealing, weighing no subdivision to the box, the use of traditional paper documents, no computer application system support management, regulatory delay.

The basic requirements of the system are as follows:

1) build medical waste RFID tracking processing system, incineration center subsystem, supervision subsystem;
2) the installation of electronic labels on the medical waste box, the use of waste containers when the weight, unit, time, medical companies and other information into the box with the electronic label;

3) in the medical unit to take waste when carrying portable equipment and portable electronic scales will be the weight and the medical unit and other information written to the box with the label, set up in the incineration center fixed or portable reader, automatic, long distance on the electronic tag read, Write information function, and the weight does not match the medical waste box alarm

3.-The system process.

Medical waste RFID monitoring system's main work is: first medical industry units in the medical waste before shipment, the first Internet application, and the declaration of data and other relevant information written to RFID tags, paste in the medical waste packaging; second in the waste to reach the concentration After processing the field, the RFID reader reads the RFID tag data of the spam package and transmits the information of the medical waste to the relevant regulatory authority. Finally, the garbage treatment department treats the medicine according to the treatment method corresponding to the waste type For processing.
Medical waste RFID monitoring system operation process is:
1) medical waste electronic joint generation
2) send a task ticket generation
3) out of the car
4) charge medical waste (video began to monitor the collection process)
5) medical garbage turnover barrel weighing (weighing weight real-time upload to the system, while the allocation of RFID tag information)
6) garbage loading (receiving car unlock record unlock information and real-time upload system)
7) transport (GPS positioning system timing transmission vehicle location)
8) transit center (transit center upload delivery vehicle arrival time, has received garbage distribution time)
9) transport (GPS positioning system timing transmission vehicle location)
10) Incinerator (upload vehicle arrival time)
11) to receive the need to burn garbage (start video monitoring operation)
12) into the burning line
13) into the medical garbage turnover barrel weight ratio link (information upload incineration center monitoring room, processing end, information upload system)

14) The process ends

4.-The system features

1) automatic data acquisition: to achieve the medical garbage turnover barrel weighing at the same time automatically identify the label distribution, real-time data uploaded to the monitoring center.
2) Convenience: The system is fully centralized data management, making a lot of data to find the work done by the server, saving a lot of manpower, improve efficiency, making the event response to speed.
3) Data security: The system uses RFID tags designed for different occasions, the recognition response time is fast, the average failure rate is low, to ensure the identification of links to the safety, timeliness and stability; the other use of high performance And high fault tolerance of the system server to ensure that the server's high stability, security and network transmission speed, in order to achieve real-time transmission system to ensure the timeliness of information.
4) to improve the management level: centralized management, distributed control; standardize the collection and management of medical waste collection and management, supervision of all necessary links, making the first time the incident can reach the management of high-level, so that the event is timely.

5) System scalability: Taking into account the future development trend and information in the entire waste of dangerous goods management to promote the system provides a rich data interface, according to the need to provide different data to the EPA system data.

The Solution can use equipment:

The reader with Android 6.0,RAM+ROM 2G+32G,Wifi,BT,GPS,4G,UHF,read range 5-8m.


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