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What is the electronic license plate? What is the difference between the electronic license plate and the ETC?

Release time:2017/10/13Origin:Shenzhen Vanch Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd

What is the electronic license plate? What is the difference between the electronic license plate and the ETC?

[Electronic License Plate] Electronic Vehicle Identification (EVI) is an application based on the segmentation, extension and improvement of passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. Its basic technical measures are: the use of RFID high-precision identification, high precision acquisition, high sensitivity of the technical characteristics of the motor vehicle is equipped with an electronic license plate label, the RFID electronic license plate as a carrier of vehicle information, The authorized radio frequency identification of the reader when the road, the vehicle motor vehicle license plate on the data collection or writing, to achieve the purpose of various types of integrated traffic management. This new technology can break through the bottleneck of the original traffic information collection technology, to achieve the classification of vehicle traffic information collection, accurate collection, seize the traffic control system information source accurate key. , Simply said that is attached to the front of the car on a windshield with a flexible label on the chip. Paste position is "the front of the vehicle front windshield horizontal, vertical up position, the electronic logo on the edge of the windshield from the edge of not less than 5cm." Basically in the car rearview mirror and car glass fixed position above a little.

And the difference between ETC

Electronic license plate technology is with the development of RFID technology industry applications, it is RFID technology to a certain extent, the product. In a sense, the ETC system is also a function of the electronic license plate system, but because of the existing GB ETC system in the vehicle OBU is active work, the battery life; as a separate component structure cost is very high; (Usually in 100 milliseconds or more), need to greatly reduce the speed, so ETC can not be used as an electronic license plate in the city and other complex traffic environment to promote the application. With the increase of read and write distance of passive electronic license plate, the shortening of reading and writing time, the increase of read and write encryption, the cost is greatly reduced, the passive electronic license plate has replaced the trend of active ETC non-stop charging system, Which can really achieve the free flow of expressway charges (that is, no gate, not slow down through and security charges).

The difference with the car network

The difference between the electronic license plate and the car network is that the car network is concerned with the communication between "car and car", "car and car", "car and road", and assembles the function of the peripheral sensor and satellite navigation. Through cooperation with the car manufacturer pre-installed in the car control computer. 'Car and car', such as the surrounding shops, restaurants, gas stations and other environmental information collection and exchange; 'people and vehicles' such as vehicles around the anti-collision sensing, etc. Function, so that the current location information is available for the driver to provide some convenience. The electronic license plate is the car's data identity card, through the exchange of data information and large backstage connected to achieve free flow of road management and charges, so that the road driving more secure and smooth, more free and fast parking, traffic management more accurate and simple, Fundamentally changed the existing traffic management model. Both have a great difference in nature and function.

And satellite positioning system

The electronic license plate technology is also different from the satellite positioning system. At present, China is widely used in the United States Global Positioning System (GPS), and China's Beidou satellite navigation system (BEIDOU) (hereinafter referred to as "GPS"). GPS satellite positioning system using satellite signals, the outdoor positioning accuracy has a greater advantage, but its main application in the field of transportation or car navigation and location information interaction, when the car driving to the underground tunnel, high-rise buildings, highways and other cover There is no GPS satellite signal. GPS or Beidou satellite positioning system can identify the vehicle, but also carried out some pilot operation, but there are more expensive GPS vehicle equipment, the need for continuous power supply or charging, signal instability and other issues. In addition, the traffic is the economic artery, if the traffic system over-reliance on GPS satellite positioning technology, because the navigation satellite audience is very broad, once the satellite paralysis is difficult to return to the traditional management, which will give the national economy caused huge losses and negative influences.
GPS technology is not suitable for applications such as non-stop electronic charges, free-flow electronic charges, etc., because the satellite system can not handle each vehicle encryption payment information. The electronic license plate technology does not need complex GIS (geographic information system) system, that can complete all kinds of electronic toll collection, access control, parking management, special vehicle fake deck identification, interval speed, path identification, bus station information forecast application. As a standard ITS system, it can provide a complete interface for other software based on the RFID infrastructure. Further depth information mining will provide more information services to the overall intelligent transportation system
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