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RFID Tire Management System
RFID Tire Management System


In tire enterprises, the correct collection and storage of tire production information plays an important role in the control of tire production process, quality inspection and quality tracking and application. Although the current bar code technology used to solve some of the problems, but in the actual operation process, the production of information flow before and after the disintegration of serious, can’t meet the actual needs of the production line, and tire quality testing failure, through the bar code is difficult to quickly find fault Cause, resulting in a huge waste of resources. RFID (radio frequency identification) is a non-contact automatic identification technology, which automatically identifies the target through the RF signal and obtain the relevant data, identification work without human intervention, as a wireless version of bar code, RFID technology with bar code does not have the waterproof, Anti-magnetic, high temperature, long life, large reading distance, the data on the label can be encrypted and stored data capacity, etc., with the rapid flow of information and fault traceability recognition function, to meet the actual needs of the tire production line.

1.RFID system

RFID system is mainly composed of RFID tags, reader and application system 3 parts, RFID system according to RFID tags have a unique identifier to efficiently identify, track, manage products, to achieve query, checkout, inventory control, statistics and other functions.

(1).RFID Tag

The core of the electronic tag is mainly composed of a stored chip, which stores information such as the identity code and technical parameters of the object to be recognized. The electronic tag can be installed in the appropriate part of the object to be recognized.About Tire tag,we have three style

One style:

Insert in Tire,The install way use in produce and manufacture,unless strong manufacturer can use it.

Two style:

patch outside,The install way will destory tire outside,install so easy,but we are not advise it.

Three Style: 

It’s my recommed,patch inside,steal not easy,and usually can’t be found.

Below is Install way:

(2)RFID Handheld Reader

The information collected by the reader includes information such as product type, serial number and production time, and other information to be recorded. In the tire production process, the main application of reader non-contact identification and fast read and write characteristics, to avoid manual intervention, reduce errors, to achieve the production of information collection automation.

(3)Application System

Our company can provide free SDK and Demo for your development, Customized software need pay extra fee.

2.Product Recommed.

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