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RFID Container Management Solution
RFID Container Management Solution

Project Background

With the integration of the world economy, China and the world continue to develop trade, container port throughput growth, shipping container yard has also been a great development. With the increase in the number of yards and the scale of the continuous expansion of how the effective management of the container, how to enter and control the container when the real-time accurate tracking of the container, the yard builder and managers of a major problem. UHF RFID technology can adapt to the container production line and the yard of the metal box group of harsh environments, in the finished product line, transport links in the container, checked the vehicle real-time tracking to achieve the container container production management), checked vehicle freight automatic settlement ) And yard automatic management of container storage status) management. RFID - based container management system uses UHF RFID non - contact identification technology to realize container intelligent management.

System composition

The system include RFID Reader,Tag,And desktop rfid reader

1.The Container Tag information includes two parts, part of the fixed information, including the EPC Number, container number, box type, size, etc.: another part is rewriting information, including goods information, the waybill number, port of shipment, port of destination, vessel voyage.

2.The desktop RFID Reader main use in write tag for customer requirement

3.The RFID Reader for collect tag information,and use software to deal with data


1) automatically and quickly collect information, the whole process without manual participation;

2) the effective elimination of the container in the transport process of the wrong box, missing box problem;

3) to solve the artificial copy number prone to human error and the whole process of information exchange is not timely;

4) real-time positioning of single containers, so that in the entire process chain in the security monitoring;

5) The system uses RFID tags, with the world's only ID code, durable, can not be tampered with or copied;

6) The tag storage capacity is large and can uniquely identify each container;

7) wireless identification, and read the distance, RFID tags can identify more than 10 meters distance;

8) anti-interference ability, able to adapt to the complex environment of polymetallic;

9) anti-pollution ability and durability, water, oil and chemicals and other substances have a strong resistance.

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