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Application Fields Of Rfid Technology And System

For UHF passive RFID tags, each tag has its own unique number. The most common use is to replace ordinary bar codes and affix them to various items in order to identify the items. Generally used with UHF reader. RFID tags can wirelessly transmit information to UHF readers within a range of 10 meters, enabling warehouses, workshops, supermarkets, and other occasions. Group scanning can be performed on items, eliminating the need to use a laser barcode reader to scan the items one by one.

The application fields of RFID technology and system are very broad, involving all aspects of industry, commerce, transportation, warehousing, logistics and military. For example, the world ’s largest goods seller, Wal-Mart, requires its top 100 suppliers to use RFID tags on boxes and pallets, and is currently in the process of implementation; at present, RFID technology has begun to be applied in some regions of China, for example, nationwide In the railway dispatching and statistics system, 550,000 cars and locomotives have been installed with passive RFID tags; the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision has also applied RFID to 160,000 liquefied petroleum gas cylinders and 10,000 highly toxic chemical containers in the city. , 100,000 boxes of fireworks and firecrackers, and 40,000 taxi cars wearing a meter for electronic tracking; in addition, this year, domestic trade containers from Shanghai to Shenzhen will use RFID to implement cargo tracking. With the rapid development of China’s economy, in the near future, RFID technology will definitely form a huge market in commodity circulation, transportation, management, logistics, and transportation.
Field, RFID technology will be a new economic growth point in the future.

Post time: 2020-03-22